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My little cherry tree was accepted! Best day! It feels weird to make a thing and have it be in a show that is not a) put on by the school or b) put on by friends of friends in dodgy places. Ahem.

In honour of this most momentous of occasions, I updated my serious business Tams website. Details of the show are there.

Other cool things:

I recently won a giveaway on Andrea’s blog¬†and my goodies arrived today! The post man even BROUGHT THEM TO ME instead of leaving the delivery card. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. I was like “OMG THANKS!!!”

I had a tough time picking out something from her shop, but eventually decided on this super cute sloth print (Sloths are the new owls, I think… maybe it’s because I love this video)


Aaaand I also picked out this cute pouch. I just ordered a bunch of DPNs from eBay so I think they will find a good home in here when they arrive.


So yeah, good times right?

Ok so one other thing I have to tell you is, I bought this weirdo veggie tray like a long time ago and I honestly have no idea what people do with these things… I mean I guess they must be for people who entertain, or who hang out with people who entertain, or people who go on picnics. Clearly I am not really any of these things?


However, I discovered a good use for it is to chop your veggies before you make soup, because ok you know veggies cook at different rates so you don’t throw your zuchini in at the same time as the carrots, right? And ok fine you could put them on a plate or just chop as you go but I was waiting for my beans to happen so I thought I’d make the most of it.


I ended up making a super healthy bean and veggie soup with this weirdo 7 grain delicious blend and Tremaine actually really liked it! So much that he asked me to make it again tonight. Delicious! Sometimes I think I don’t like soup but mostly I think I don’t like pre-made from a can soup and also I don’t like all the work of chopping veggies. But my bunny recently went to the vet due to a tummy blockage and they lectured us about salad so now he has to eat a lot of veggies, so I have to cut them up anyway.

I think this is the part of the blog post where I try to engage you by asking if you like soup and what your favourite kind of soup is. I like to just throw everything in a pot and hope for the best. You?


Last weekend I went to Fibres West with Steph, Rebecca and Susan. I brought my camera but kinda forgot to take pictures. I was busy buying stuff, ok? Here’s a picture of Gypsy being a bunny, I hope this makes up for it.


I spent a lot of dollars but it was all on good stuff. I got some really majestic alpaca fibre from some ladies from 100 Mile House, some old hand carders and fringe twisty things, and also a large set of Hiya Hiya interchangeables.


I finished this last night (because it makes sense to make a big wooly capelet right as spring is arriving). Except you wouldn’t know it based on the weather – it is pretty disgusting right now. I just need to get some ribbons to make it more beautiful.

It is the Grimm’s Cottage one by Tiny Owl Knits. She is precious.


The funny thing about seasons is sometimes you start out not even realizing it is winter at first but then you’re like omg winter why are you taking for ever and then suddenly it is SPRING! Glorious spring!

Cherry Blossom Entry

I made a thing for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival. We’ll see if it gets in. It was nice to have something to work towards though.

 Detail 2

It’s a tree made out of wire and yarn using a basketry technique, with hand spun crocheted merino/silk blossoms and felted leaves. The more I look at it the more I like it. It has marbles inside so it stands up ok.