Behold! My Jupiter pumpkin in all it’s glory!

jupiter pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is super hard you guys. I hacked away at this last night while we watched Donnie Darko. I think I could have done it better but I also hadn’t carved a jack-o-lantern in ages. Val came over after work and we discussed why we had never carved pumpkins at the old house and decided it was because we lived in Little India and there were no easily accessible pumpkins so probably we decided to drink beer instead.

I attempted to make vegan caramel apples this afternoon but I cooked the caramel waaaaaaay too long. They are more like apples covered in delicious but jagged, sharp sugar goodness.

And now I will listen to kids set off fire crackers for the rest of the night. Hope you’re having a good one!


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