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zoey is tired

Yesterday we went to the dog beach with Val, Sean and their dog Zoey. Zoey is cute but kind of snobby to other dogs. She likes her humans best. But she likes me ok also.

waves at the dog beach

The water was almost warm enough to go into, but it was windy. This explained why we were able to find a parking spot with no trouble on a Saturday.

dog beach!

Some old guy was yelling to people about building a sea wall all the way around Spanish Banks. I couldn’t tell if he was in favor or against it. He also yelled about dogs a bit and I felt like if you do not like dogs you should not go to the dog beach, as there are many other beaches you could go to. Oh well.

val and zoe are cute

Zoey is really into jumping and climbing on tall things. It must be weird to spend your whole life being shorter than almost everything. I would be excited for momentary tall as well.

Tomorrow I have to go to my job again. It’s been a while since I had to do that. Interestingly my mini vacation has made me feel like I can do my job again. I guess this is why vacations were invented. Oh! Also! I still have some things to share from my adventures in Comox/Courtenay. I will post those soon.


Good news! I saw a new movie! So for once I am not just rambling about old timey movies you have already seen!

Ok so, that trailer? Doesn’t spoil anything. You know why? I feel like a lot of that stuff was not in the actual movie. I mean it was but it wasn’t. The scenes were there but I am not remembering a lot of those lines.

So basically you have the main lady who is Kristin Wiig, and this is actually a pretty good time because mostly the movies that she is in, she is not a main character. And I think she is hilarious. It is a good call to have her play a more prominent role, that is all I am saying. I wanted her to be in Whip It more because she is the good kind of awkward hilarious.

Ok. In the beginning she is doing it with Don Draper and you just know this is not going to end well. It’s Don Draper, right? And she’s not a pretty flower like Megan from Montreal. Oh wait I am mixing stories. But it’s mostly true when you think about it: Don Draper has a lot of ladies and probably you are not the one he likes best.

It also shows you how much of a mess her life is where she is actually climbing over his fence when he boots her out for staying the night. And somehow she is still willing to go back for more.

So her friend, who is Maya Rudolph (another funny lady I like) gets engaged and asks her to be the maid of honour or whatever. At first this sounds awesome but it basically means you are a party planner without getting paid for it.

(I don’t know the character’s names, sorry friends. I forget those things.)

So they haveĀ  a party so all the people can high five Maya for living the heterosexual dream, and this is where Kristen meets this other lady who is really money hands and super wants to have friends because she has a hollow existence where her husband does not pay attention to her. And then they battle for Maya’s affection.

One time that lady was in Knowing, also starring Nic Cage. I just wanted to mention that. Remember that time where there were 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? It would have been better with Nic. Just sayin.

Oh yeah so watching ladies battle each other? Really kinda not that funny. What is it about weddings that turns people more crazy?

Quick! Insert generic romantic sub-plot here! I’ll let you guys figure out the rest. Hint: Everyone lives happily ever after. (Except Don Draper; that guy is going to be miserable and booze-filled forever.)

Anyway I am already tired about talking about this movie. There were some funnies, yes, but there was also a bunch of awkward. However, I dunno what else to expect from Judd Apatow and his friends. I am not being so down on this movie but I just feel like you should know that some people are talking about it like it is the funniest thing ever and I want you to know that it is probably not the funniest. But it is still funny. Worth sitting through, especially if you get to go for free like I did.


Good morning (well, afternoon) from Vancouver Island!

I am currently in Comox, hanging out at a friend from the old time’s place. It is delightful here. My friend Raine drove down from Calgary to escape the Stampede last Friday. She stopped at my place on Saturday and we had delicious vegan Vietnamese food at Paradise Noodle House in New West.

On Sunday we went to Karmavore where we picked up some vegan delights and had soft serve rice milk ice cream. It was magical.

After that we headed to Horseshoe Bay to await the Ferry. There is something to be said for making a reservation. Yes it costs more, but then you do not have to wait an hour and a half for the next sailing. I brought some knitting, though, so it went mostly fast.

We bid farewell to my fair city, and after an hour and a half or so, we made our triumphant arrival on Vancouver Island. We needed to get some gas about halfway to Comox, and ended up in some weird tiny town. My google map thing told me we could achieve gas at some place that ended up being someone’s home I think?

Eventually we figured it out and made it to our destination. But not before driving by the house of a customer I spoke to on Saturday (this was completely coincidental, by the way… I do not normally stalk customers).

So far it’s been pretty relaxed. We’ve admired some tiny hermit crabs, eaten some delicious foods, and entertained ourselves in this town that is filled with wandering deer and planes flying overhead like, all the time. Apparently it is a big deal and lots of people complain but it is not even that loud so I dunno what the deal is.

I even helped save a gigantic bug from drowning in a bowl of water.

I think he was thankful.

We also made a birthday cake for Shannon and everyone was pleasantly surprised that it did not taste like a garbage can.