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Hello! How are things?

I just totally cheated and posted a draft from a few days ago and pretended like I posted it when I wrote it, but in truth I got really frustrated with my computer machine and with my iPhone. But! A good thing happened today, and that thing is Maine downloading the updates, which I never do because I don’t like being interrupted by robots telling me what to do. And it fixed the really annoying thing where it wasn’t recognizing my adapter unless I unplugged the battery! I guess this was a thing they knew of? Oh, Apple.


I have a confession: I sort of don’t like Halloween. I know! I’m sorry! But I have a super lot of anxiety about people in public in general, and then when you add masks, I’m sorry I can’t handle it. I get super nervous! Also I am from Alberta and in Alberta no one sets off fireworks at Halloween and then suddenly I moved here and like for an entire week around Halloween there are yahoos shooting off really disappointing fireworks and it makes me crazy.

But I really love this poster. And pumpkin carving, even though I waited too long to buy a pumpkin this year. And I also love this flippin’ sweet jelly fish costume:


Seriously!!! How genius is this thing? BUILT IN UMBRELLA! It was even raining tonight! Man! So good.

Ok other things that have happened recently include, but are not limited to:


Gogol Bordello. So good.


Olympic thing on fire! I think it was cause someone died a year ago and he designed it or something. That’s what I was told.


Yummy Thai food! I understand now why people don’t have time to cook sometimes. I never ever feel like doing it. We either eat out, or have breakfast for dinner now. But this restaurant was nice, quiet and the people who worked there were super sweet.



Maine and I spent some time with Sidney Crosby. It was ok. He kind of has the personality of a board. GET IT HAHA I AM FUNNY.


Someone wrote this all over the place downtown. I am pretty sure a lot of things offend god and I think UFC is not even close to being the worst of it. P.S. I don’t really believe in god, thus, I think it is ok to punch people in the face for money and glory.


Another day I met these two super cute dogs at a movie store in Gastown OH MY GOD cutest ever. The darker one was the boy and they are married, and he liked me. I scratched his butt and then he farted and tried to eat my hand.


Then the other day I took the sea bus with Hilary on the way home, and we stopped at the Quay for lunch and long story short, Captain Kirk was hanging out with Legally Blonde lady making a movie, probably about love. And her shoes looked really big. Basically she is tiny size.


Maybe you can tell better if I zoom. HER CHIN WAS AT THE WRONG ANGLE IN THIS ONE. Sorry friends iPhones are not the best tools for creepin’ on celebrities.


They are pretty ok at creepin’ on a dead octopus though.



I assisted Bert in making a fort inside my laundry hamper before I went to work. Apparently he slept in it the whole day and only came out when I got home from work.


Then I went to work and admired fall on the way there.



I ate a burger from the vending machine and regretted it instantly.

Then later we went to the Safeway. That is where we spent time with Sidney Crosby. On the way home we saw a bunch of bananas at the skytrain with like a million tiny ghetto blasters. I felt awkward because they were in costumes so I creeped them from across the road.


So long story short I am going to try to blog more as part of one of my assignments. So I am announcing it here. Yes. I am aiming for at least a photo a day but I do not promise I will upload them the day they happen. It will be about my travels in life.

Ok one last thing. The other day I watched Sex and the City 2 and it was embarrassingly bad.

I am the most thankful that I did not bother going to see this in the theatre. It was just… kind of really offensive? Yes. And by kind of I mean really. What a bunch of spoiled brats! And seriously I get that the whole point of the show is the fantasy but man. Man! The part where they’re like commenting on the lady in the burqa eating a french fry, and then all the OMG GAY WEDDING LOLOLOL at the beginning and Samantha being all I’m going to bone on the beach in a country where you aren’t even allowed to eat in the same room as men, GOOD JOB LADIES.

And I bet right now you are also like, Tams, you are really busy when do you find time to watch all these movies? Ok so pretty much I like to multitask and sometimes I put movies on while I do other things. So while this was on I warped up a loom mostly, I need to finish it but yeah. It gives me something to do while I am doing a thing.

I sort of want to start doing movie reviews by Tams, video style. Would you watch it?


Hello Internet! I have not forgotten about you. Some things have happened recently, they include:

- being the sickest ever for one month

- working

- schooling

- Gogol Bordelloing

Last year the second years were all like “blah blah you will document less because you will have less time” and I was like NEVER! and now it is sort of true. I dunno. I feel overwhelmed a lot but talking about it only makes it worse. Things are going to be fine. FINE! super!

I watched Flakes on the Netflix the other day and basically it sort of felt like how I wish my life was. Also Zooey’s character has a sweet-ass bike and I am a little jealous.

By the way, can we talk for a moment about how little I enjoy iPhoto? It is basically a terrible program but I cannot figure out a way to get the photos off my phone without using it. I don’t know why Apple feels the need to try to hide my files from me. I am also not understanding why I can’t use Bluetooth to get the photos to my computer. I know of this jail breaking business but I do not like the word “jail” and I do not like the word “breaking”, and together? Together they sound about a million times more terrifying.

Ok I had photos but I do not have time to wait for iPhoto to do it’s thing. So another time, friends. Another time.





Sorry friends when I get tired I get even more rude. Today I talked to Hilary about how I am rude and sometimes I feel bad about it but other times I think people who are positive all the time are kind of annoying because life is not awesome all the time and pretending it is awesome all the time does not make it so. But secretly I am envious of them. But then on the other hand being a cranky person can be really funny sometimes if you do it correctly. But then people think you are rude all the time. I AM NOT RUDE ALL THE TIME. ONLY SOMETIMES.


I have essentially given up on taking pictures with my real camera and now I only iPhone kind and I’m sorry if that offends you but it fits in my bag way easier.


I sort of want this tattooed on my body because it is sort of everything I love in life.


I have been sick for like, forever. Since dinosaurs roamed the Earth really. I finally went to work yesterday and long story short it got really confusing and I was hanging up on people instead of putting them on hold, so I told a supe that I was too sick for life and they let me do returned mail all day. Then Maine met me afterwards and we went for food except we did not go to Foodness (whoever named this place is my hero). We went to the Templeton and had mediocre food and received sub-par service from a lady who I guess hated her life that day? She was nice to us the last time we went there. I dunno.


Maine had a burger. It looked ok. I just didn’t want a burger.


I had ahi tuna steak and it was marinated in soy and ginger but honestly it tasted like garbage water and the restaurant smelled like garbage a bit. Maybe it was an off night? Then I had mashed potatoes that were ok, and the mushrooms were pretty decent. The pineapple salsa tasted like it had beer in it. Honestly for like $50 I think we could have done a lot better. I feel like I’m slagging them but Dear The Templeton, you need to step up your game. We also got a deep friend Wunderbar and it wasn’t even worth taking a picture of.


Ok! Enough complaining! We saw this in the morning and it made me super happy. Except someone knocked down their chalk cup so I could not contribute and of course some bleeding heart wrote crap about hating border cops, like what is that even about? Those border dudes are there to like hang out and make sure we don’t bring more goods than we should back from Americaville and long story short they’re just trying to do their job. I find if you are not a dick to cops of any sort, they are not usually a dick to you. Just sayin’.


A girl who is in the advanced Weaving town class did this mini installation. She has a thing at Emily Carr right now. Maybe you should go look at it. I’d link you to something but I have nothing to link you to. Sorry friends! Google did not help me out on this one.


Let’s talk for a moment about this. Ok. So. At first glance, I’m like WHOA WHOA MUST HAVE. Obviously. So I bought it and let’s just say it was not cheap even a little. $4 for chocolate is a bit much. But it was Jasmine and tea and tangerine kind, so I’m in. The first thing that bummed me out was it didn’t even taste like Jasmine very much. I really love Jasmine tea – I will let the tea bag steep for a thousand years and then rub my face in it. The second part that was sad, but probably for the best, is that it came in a box and was misleading because it was only like 50 grams and for that size of box and price it should have been 100 grams. Just sayin’. But it was pretty delightful and I’d try other kinds if I won the lottery.

One good thing that happened recently is I stayed home sick on Friday and watched movies on Netflix. Now I know a lot of people are all “Waaah there aren’t many good movies on there!” but actually there are, you just haven’t heard of them because Hollywood didn’t smack you in the face with them. Those movies you can get on the on demand or at the video store anyway. But yeah. Netflix has a pretty decent selection of movies I haven’t heard of. So I watched this one because it was recommended to me by the computer because I like Wristcutters. (Truth: I love love love Wristcutters. I really prefer when Tom Waits is god, not the devil, and Shannyn Sossamon is a babe and has good outfits and how precious is Patrick Fugit really, oh and Gogol Bordello happens in the soundtrack [I am going to see them really really soon btw] and it is just awesome overall and I love it.)

Anyway this movie was ok. Just the right level of awkward. Probably you would like it. Netflix is free for a month, DO IT!

Also I watched Drag Me To Hell but I can’t embed the trailer, holy so annoying I don’t understand why people make you go to Youtube to watch stuff but whatever fine ok.

That movie was ok. Mostly I didn’t care for it… I get that the guy makes movies that are supposed to be sort of funny but it wasn’t scary even a little, what a waste of time.

Ok I think I am done talking about stuff. I did some school things recently but I don’t have photos so really pics or it didn’t happen. YES.