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Hello, friends.

Today I have a day off. I am watching Rushmore. I have seen this movie exactly two times before, except both times I fell asleep right before the theatre part at the end. I know it exists, I have just never witnessed it.

Yesterday I went up to the school to mordant some fabric for dyeing on Monday. It took kind of forever. I also did a couple weaving samples, but it was not very exciting. The thing about weaving samples on other people’s looms is I sort of feel like I am not learning a lot, because I can’t tell if they warped up correctly or whatever. And I learn more from the warping up than the actual weaving because for some reason I find the weaving part pretty easy, even if it is crazy elaborate overshot or shadow weave. Oh well.

Maine is looking like a crazy bush person lately and I really need a haircut.

I have decided recently that I need a newer more awesomer phone, but I am torn between selling my soul to Telus for another three years, and buying one outright and jumping ship when my work people finally have cell phones.

Working and schooling so far is ok. I don’t think it has hit me how much work it is going to be. But I think I am getting sick so maybe I need to go eat some vitamins.


My poor, poor neglected blog. I love you and I miss you. We will spend time together this weekend, I promise.

Just so you know, I tried to watch “Couples Retreat” last night because I was bored and it has Michael Bluth in it but it was really awful terrible bad. We turned it off. Good thing it was free.

I was going to post the real one but this one is funnier maybe.


I feel like a negligent blog mom, guys. I’m sorry. It is a combination of being too tired and not doing anything very exciting. But I think of you often! If that makes a difference!

Check it out! Today I braved the Apple store after work to get a power adapter for my Macbook. It’s only the third one in three years. Thanks, Apple, for making such a fantastic product! I also really love the way the casing has cracked on my keyboard. Especially since you already replaced it one time, supposedly with one that would not crack. BEST DAY.

(Have I mentioned how much I actively dislike the Apple store? Don’t get me wrong – I love my Mac. But something tells me I wouldn’t need to make an appointment to buy a power adapter if I had a PC.)

In more awesomer news: LOOK WHO GOT THE SWEET LIFE AQUATIC-Y MUG! Clearance, baby. Clearance.

So basically nothing much else is new except working is well, kind of ok I guess but my brain hurts every day and I feel like I need to nap so hard. And then when I do nap all I do is dream about cable. Oh yeah and I’ve had a headache for 4 days, probably from too much caffeine.

One of the ok parts about working is I am going to get cheap cable soon. I don’t know when. But I hope it happens soon because I want to have all the channels.

So basically I am made of crazy and I am trying to get my shift changed so that I can still go to school. If I am successful I will have essentially zero days off except maybe Thanksgiving and that day in November that for some reason I feel like I can’t spell so I won’t, which is not disrespectful or at least not intended to be. Mostly I am just lazy. But yeah. I am trying to get 5 days a week 6 hour shifts with Monday/Tuesday off. It is going to be so terrible and I will be the grouchiest ever. High five?

I always eat lunch on the patio when it is nice. Because I know it will not be nice very soon. I hope I can buy new shoes soon because lately I’ve had to choose between “Uncomfortable and full of holes” and “Really more uncomfortable but not full of holes”. It is the worst ever.

Last night I watched “The Lovely Bones” and it was super disappointing compared to the book. It has been a long time since I read it, but I remember it being the saddest ever and so good and the movie was like “Oh this girl died let’s ignore half the story and just make everything shiny and hope no one notices”.

I can’t even recommend this movie to you in good faith. Take the extra time to read the book. (Side note: my uncle’s crazy ex-girlfriend who just left him a week ago started a dating profile and asked me to write a testimonial. I creeped it and she said she doesn’t like books. I don’t trust people who do not like books. I mean, even if you don’t like reading books you should still like books, right? Books are pretty special! I have a friend who gets mad if you put books on the floor because it is like a mega insult to the goddess of education, or something similar. BOOKS ARE THAT SPECIAL.)

disclaimer: I am sorry if this post sounds crabby. My head hurts. 4 day headaches are not awesome. But this dog is awesome!

I probably posted it already though. Eeeep! I’m going to bed now. Goooodnight!