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So I would share some pictures but it appears that my camera does not want to play nice with Windows 7, and my stupid Mac is out of commission because Apple makes terrible power cords that crap out after a year or so, and I don’t have the dollars to get a new one. Hurrah!

I knit up 4 neckwarmer cowl things, and right now I’m baking some fimo buttons to go along with them.

edit – Ok it appears that I beat the beast that is Windows 7.

There is one that is black seed stitch (and another that is black garter stitch):


This light blue purpley one:


And a darker blue one:


I haven’t finished the ends or anything yet because I am lazy and terrible.

Here are the buttons, baking away:


I didn’t make them perfect because I kinda like them weird.

Watching Californication from the beginning again because you know you know.

Tomorrow we’ll be at the Granville Island Farmer’s Market, hawking our wares and doing felting demonstrations. Feel free to drop by. Oh yes and Happy Birthday, Canada!

This is kind of incredible.

Also today I went to the mall for something to do, and it turns out it is summer time and school is out so there was like one million young people and it made me full of anxiety so I left. But I saw some cute dresses in the clearance aisle of Old Navy that I am coveting now, but alas, they are also out of my budget (you know, like everything else).

Fingers crossed for me for tomorrow and Sunday, ok? I could use some luck.

I ended up watching the Devil Wears Prada this afternoon, and I remembered how that movie infuriates me so much. Like ok fine Miranda Priestly is a terrifying woman, but I really can’t stand how Andy’s friends are all like “Omg you’re so different now, you like clothes, omg omg who are you, you should quit your job and follow your boyfriend around because his work is more important.”



Lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies, probably more than I should admit to. I like to have something on while I work, and also it gets real lonely and I need to avoid becoming a full on crazy cat lady. But I generally don’t have the attention span for television. I am just not that committed. It is fine to watch a season of something on DVD, but I very rarely follow a show when it is actually on the air because I never know when it is on, and I don’t know any of the channels except for Sportsnet Pacific (I used to know TSN, too, but they changed it and sometimes I forget).

Yesterday, for example, I watched about half of Practical Magic (it was on tv! And Nicole Kidman is wicked hot in that movie!). I turned it off after the midnight margaritas part, because that is my favourite and also why doesn’t anyone make me midnight margaritas?

Plus Stockard Channing’s character does some weaving in it, and I sort of feel like she might be my future. Wild long hair, looms, cats, and midnight booze? Sounds like my life except my hair is too short and I can’t afford alcohol right now.

Also, even though that movie is terrible, there is something magical (hur hur) about the idea of living in a house full of ladies and eating brownies for breakfast, non? (Except I pretty much did that before and let me tell you it is all fun and games until no one scoops the kitty litter and the cat pees all over your roommate’s sketchbooks.)

After that, I watched Youth in Revolt, which was pretty ok but maybe only because it had Michael Cera being Michael Cera. Some people complain that he always plays the same character, but really that gives me hope because it means he is probably really that adorably awkward.

After that, I watched a thing I don’t really want to talk about because oh the shame, but I may as well be open about it.

Tams says:
i’m doing a blog entry right now
it is shameful
..::;; Miss Steak ;;::.. says:
shameful? Why shameful?
Tams says:
i uh
i am writing about which movies i’ve watched recently
..::;; Miss Steak ;;::.. says:
LOL uh oh
Tams says:
and i maybe watched new moon yesterday and maybe feel like those movies make more sense when you’ve read the books

Admit it. You laughed.

Then this afternoon, Loser was on so I watched it and I sort of feel like this movie is underrated. Ok fine it is entirely predictable but Greg Kinnear is in it and he’s mean! And there are kittens! It made me wish it was fall.

Then I did what any sad person should NOT do, and watched Romeo and Juliet. What’s the deal with that? Everyone knows how that story turns out but you still end up sitting there going DO NOT DRINK THE POISON YOU IDIOT and he does it anyway.


I knit a thing during the movie, and I’m going to make a polymer clay button later for it. Here’s hoping.


Also finished looming last night, but I haven’t taken it off yet to finish the ends because I don’t know if I want to do twisted fringe (time consuming and hurts my hands, I need one of those thingys that does it for you), or just tie them in overhand knots and call it a day.


Oh, and Val gave me all her old earrings the other day, which is pretty exciting. I do want to continue stretching but I also really love the earskins I have now so I’ve been reluctant to go up a size. But now that I have a giant bowl of beautiful plugs and tunnels, I may as well go for it. (Mom, don’t hate me.)

So, friends, what should I watch now? Give me your movie recommendations!


This kid told me I need to conquer my fears.

(Photo stolen from Rebecca)

I didn’t sell anything. Which really sucks. But what can you do? Rebecca did well, and even though it was freezing in the morning, we all had a good time. Dinner afterward was delightful as well. We went to The Nest with JP. I had the salmon, and if I could go back in time to eat it again I definitely would.

But I don’t have enough lasers.