Just a (sort of) quick picture post before I go work on my tapestry some more!

damn that is a sweet earth you might say monoprint

Our second print project was due on Wednesday. I am sort of disappointed by what I ended up doing… I think the idea was ok but not very awesomely executed.

found object leaf print recycled t shirt bag

The truth is I did start it early, and I had grander ideas for it, but I ran out of time, and this was also partly because life decided to be like “Oh p.s. your apartment is being sprayed, how about your caulk your entire home and bag all of your clothes and transport your pets via transit to burnaby and also your toilet is leaking so you need to fix that too, oh and remember that dentist appointment where you were going to get half the work done? Well actually let’s just do everything all in one go ok?”

my dead albatross recycled t-shirt bag

So as you can see, I ended up doing a small series of grocery bags made out of recycled t-shirts. You basically take a t shirt, cut the arms off, cut a dip in the centre and then sew the bottom together. I sewed the bottom twice to make them a bit more sturdy.

I know they do not look related at all at first glance, and I will admit I probably should have done more with the birds (inspired by these photos – just a warning, they are pretty heartbreaking). But I did learn an important lesson about choosing a smaller scale project (my original plan was a duvet cover) and also time management. Some things were out of my control, yeah, but still.

The Earth bag was a monoprint – I took my source image, flipped it in photoshop and then stuck it under a plate of glass. Then I painted the pigment on using the picture as a guide. Otherwise it would have been so wonky. The leaf is just a found object print.

Just to give you an idea of how awesome everyone is, here are some pictures of other projects:

marissa's project

Marissa’s hair clip printed shirt.

meredith's day of the dead hanging

Meredith’s Day of the Dead hanging.

sol's missing people

Sol’s Missing People.

serine's jellyfish scarf

Serine’s Jellyfish scarf.

sol and hillary test out hillary's ottomans

One of Hillary’s ottomans.

mackenzie is the boss of discharge

Mackenzie’s discharged woodgrain print outfit.

mary ann wishes she was on the beach

Mary Ann made a slipcover for a cushion. Pretty much you wish you were in the Caribbean yeah?

There were other rad projects but I unfortunately did not get pictures of them all. Sometimes I feel like a creep taking pictures of everyone and their stuff, but I think it is interesting and I love seeing what people come up with, so I want to share it with you, the internet.


Ok so after we presented the projects we made Indigo happen.


You really have to love your vat to get it to work properly. We wrapped them with one million per cent foam and towels to keep them warm and happy.


We tried out a few shibori techniques but I haven’t checked mine yet to see how it looks because it needs to dry out. We also watched a video where some lovely people demonstrated shibori and pretty much I do not thing I will ever be that quick.


Unfortunately it was really busy with everyone trying to dye everything, so I am not happy with my samples at all, but luckily we will be working on this for the rest of the term so I’ll have more chances to get some good samples.

P.S. Indigo stinks. SO bad.


I also wanted to update you on our little worm friends. They are all grown up now :)


Pretty much they made homes, hung out for a bit, burned their ways out and then put the moves on each other. I think those little specks are eggs! I wonder if we can make baby ones happen?


Lastly, there was a student sale today for the second years as part of the open house at the university. I was very impressed and also a little intimidated by all the awesome things!


A little terrifying to think this will be us in a year. D:


We did not get to stay long as we had a field trip to go on for Art History but yeah. Good work. I was impressed. I hope everyone made some sweet sweet dollars!


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