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Here’s a quick somethin’ somethin’ before I go work on my fibre sample book.


They are based on Russian valenki and you know me, I had to get some space in there somehow.

When I was making them I just kept thinking about Moon Boots. I am pretty sure most people’s moms refer to giant boots as Moon Boots (well, the moms who remember the 70s). Am I crazy? (Don’t answer that.)

So instead of trying to be clever I am just going to post some photos of the process of making the boots. It was pretty labour intensive and long story short they are not even really the same size. Close, but not quite.


So first you pile like 6 or 7 layers of fluff. I used a batt of Perendale/Southdown from Birkeland.


I made a resist from bubble wrap. Looking back I think I would have preferred to use a stiffer resist ecause I couldn’t really feel it through the layers and that made it more difficult.


So you put the resist between the layers, and add a bit of hot soapy water to get things going.


You have to be fairly gentle at first but then eventually you get to a point where you can roll them in a bamboo mat to get the felting to happen.


I was not very awesome at the seams for the first boot, so I ended up with a few holes.


They end up kinda gimpy and HUGE but do not be afraid, they will shrink!


Eventually I got bored of rubbing them by hand so I chucked them in the dryer for a bit with no heat. This helped them shrink quite a bit, but you still have to rub them manually (or with a palm sander with no sandpaper, like one of my clever classmates, Rebecca).


I needle felted them shut, though, so it’s ok.

The design on the finished boots is needle felted as well, and is based on the failed Russian lunar lander, the Lunniy korabl.



I promise very soon I will have a better post up! But for now you can see what Maine did tonight so that I would love him more.

I have been soooo busy with school! Apologies! <3



“Oh I’m sorry, were you trying to do something here?”



Bert does not approve. Thanks, buddy!

So uh. Yeah. Taking a break from studying for my Art History midterm. Fun times! Who thinks I can remember the difference between abstract and nonrepresentational art? Yeah, me either.

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they see me

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they see me out in the wild. This was taken while waiting for the bus yesterday when Maine and I went on an adventure to buy many things.

First we went to the Charlatan for brunch. We were going to go to Stella’s, but then we decided to try something new. Good thing, too, cause it was delicious! And it didn’t cost as much because I was not tempted by elevendy billion kinds of beer like I would have been at Stella’s.

I had green eggs and ham. I approve of anything involving pesto. Maine had the waffles, and the taste I had of his was pretty magical as well. But I forgot to take pictures. Sad times.

Afterwards we headed up to Value Village on Victoria, near 49th. It was pretty busy because of the whole Halloween thing coming up, but we still managed to find some pretty premium crap.

Jen's Christmas Present

I didn’t buy this, but it would be perfect for Jen. She loves llamas. Wait, did I say loves? I think I meant “loathes”.

For Steph by Steph

This would be good for Steph. There was also a NKOTB doll there, I think it was Jordan but I can’t be sure. Aside from Donny and Joey they all sort of look the same to me now that they don’t have rat tails. I need to see them all with their shirts billowing in the fake wind to know if it is Jordan or not.

After that we bussed over to Main street and headed towards Three Bags Full so I could pick up more black yarn for the scarf that never dies. While we were walking there we passed an antique store (I have no idea which one specifically because there are a million in that area but I think it was the one that also has robots) where I saw these:


$30 each! I wanted one so badly but Maine said no because we have no where to put it and what would I even use it for? But… But… I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR LOGIC I JUST WANT ONE!

After I bought yarn we walked down some more, and passed Voltage where Heidi Kenney’s fantastic giant donut lives!


Voltage is super the worst because I just want to go in there and buy a whole bunch of random crap but hello I do not have the dollars for that.

Hello, lover

Then we kept going and walked by Kris + Cris where these magical boots live. Stupid panda feet, you make shoe shopping the worst! Maybe this picture quality is not very good but I am coveting them pretty hard. I hope you understand.


Eventually we walked past a fairly new store called Vancouver Special. I had to oooh and aaah the felt rug in the window before I realized that this is the store my Design instructor Eleanor was talking about last week.

We did not go in because it would have crushed my soul a little to not be able to purchase anything, but one day when I am so so rich I think it will happen. So full of good things!

It is also pretty sad times that I did not hear about the Vancouver Special tour put on by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation until after it had happened. I need to maybe pay better attention!

Yes, well, I hope you enjoyed window shopping with Tams today. Yesterday I bought a new smaller camera that I can take with me more easily – it is just a crappy little thing but I hope it will be better than my cell phone.


Lastly I’d just like to brag to you about my sweet pencil pouch that I bought from The Dainty Squid. I am kind of not wanting to ruin it with pencil grit though so I am thinking I will use it for all my smaller knitting things. Hooray! (If you are thinking about buying from her, I just want to mention that the pouch smells fantastic, haha.)